Lawn Care

Once you have your new lawn, it is important you take good care of it. Caring for your new lawn turf by mowing and watering correctly will help you to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Grass is dynamic and responds to changes. Your turf will get used to how much you cut off and being cut to the same height. If you dramatically lower the height of cut or let the grass grow too long before cutting it, you can injure or even kill your lawn.

Dark green leaves can withstand the intense rays of the sun, but those parts of your turf near the soil, which are shaded by the leaves, are very sensitive to the sun. Therefore, if you scalp your turf and expose those tender tissues near the soil, the sun may scorch your turf. Scorched turf will turn yellow, grow slowly and may even die. In general the longer the turf, the deeper the roots. However, if lawns are mown higher than 20mm, there will be sufficient roots.

Your new turf does not need immediate fertilisation but it does require water. Water is absorbed through the roots of turf. No water enters the leaves of turf, so wetting the leaves supplies the turf with no water.

Water is essential to the growth of all turf because it carries nutrients to the roots. It is important in the growth of leaves, it causes the leaves to be soft and pliable, and it makes the leaves stand up. Whilst you cannot see it, water is used by the turf plant to cool itself. Improper watering can cause your turf and you problems.